I am a devout Christian myself, and I hate how Trump is exploiting Christianity for his own benefit. It is, however, showing the hypocrisy of many Christians who aren't very Christ-like.

Here's an interesting quote from Thomas Merton about the proud man:

"Convinced that he is despicable, and desperately hoping to keep other men from finding it out, he seizes upon everything that belongs to them and hides himself behind it...

"Having no true solitude and, therefore, no spiritual energy of his own, he desperately needs other men. But he needs them in order to consume them, as if in consuming them he could fill the void in his own spirit and make himself the person he feels he ought to be...

"The proud solitary is the ideal dictator, turning the whole world from peace to war, carrying out the work of destruction, opening the mouths of ruin from city to city..."

Written by

Former TV person, current college professor and media researcher. Ironman triathlete, meditation teacher and yoga instructor. https://www.brad4d-wellness.com

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