If you look a little more deeply at some of these works, you'll notice that what affects the individual also affects the society. You see parallels between how you look at yourself and how you see the world. You recognize how systems of power control you, and you see where these systems also exist in society.

In order for us to produce lasting change in society, we must see the world less reactively--less from our individualistic perspective. Mindfulness ultimately helps us to see things a little more clearly. It gets us to recognize that we are a small part of the whole.

If you look at some of the contemplatives, you'll notice that it's not about individualism--it's about getting out of our way so that we might respond more appropriately to the collective.

I agree that marketers and entrepreneurs seek to capitalize on individualism and will sell small fragments of these great works in order to sell products. They prey on the "it's all about me" mentality.

However, if you look at mindfulness and self-inquiry as a whole, you'll see that it's really about how we can get out of our own way.