Listen to Your Voice

It wants what’s best for you.

Photo by Matheus Vinicius on Unsplash

My senior dog’s heart condition drags me out of bed at 3 a.m. After taking care of his business, I retreat to bed, of course bringing my phone. I order the senior dog some more of his senior food.

I check the news. Looks like Warnoff won a Senate seat. I might have to wait a few hours to hear about Ossoff. Stacy Abrams really knows how to get things done.

Let me check Instagram before going back to sleep. Wow, that’s a beautiful picture from National Geographic. Trevor Noah cracks me up. No, I can’t do that yoga pose, nor do I have the money to go to that exotic location.

Then I see a girl who resembles me from 15 years ago. She’s fit, and I remember that I wanted to get to the gym this morning. Still, I’m so tired and want to go back to sleep.

Then The Voice calls to me. “Get the f@#k up and meditate.”

Lazy Me says, “But I’m so tired.”

“Just get the f@#k up,” The Voice says. “You can go back to sleep after you meditate.”

I roll out of bed again and fix my butt on my meditation bench. I play an easy meditation track to quiet some of the chatter.

Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

Chatter chatter chatter. I think about going to the gym. I think about the research on my book. I think about how much prep I need to do for the forthcoming semester.

The Voice says, “Shut the f@#k up.” Every time the chatter starts, The Voice yanks me back to center. The Voice loves me, I swear.

Eventually the chatter melts. It becomes indiscernible like the adults from Charlie Brown.

After the meditation track ends, I remain sitting in the quiet. No labels, no demands. Just quiet. I thank The Voice for scything through the chatter for me. I thank The Voice for rolling me out of bed. I thank The Voice for the 30 minutes I need to start my day off right.

Your Voice might sound different from mine. Mine’s from East Baltimore. Your Voice might be gentler, easier, or more kind. Whatever Your Voice sounds like, listen to the wisdom it wants to teach you. It knows what you want and need. It knows that you have important work to do on this earth.

Let it guide you. Let it drive you. Let it pacify you.

Above all, let it get you out of bed when you want to fall back to sleep.

Former TV person, current college professor and media researcher. Ironman triathlete, meditation teacher and yoga instructor.

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